View Full Version : Not able to generate log file, if we impot dynamic merge module to the parent build

10-23-2009, 08:21 AM
I am facing some issue while working with dynamic merge module.
I put restart windows option in the merge module installer, because this is the last action in the post install of parent.

The problem is when user Restart windows option is YES, it's creating the parent installer log file and updating with all the corresponding user interactions in the created log file as well as merge module log file with install section actions.

But the problem is restart option is applicable only to Windows GUI, but in other install modes(Console, Silent, GUI with Restart option NO and UNIX platforms) installer not able to create the log, but merge module log is getting created.

I just want to know what internal install process takes place and which variables gets updated if restart option with YES to create the log file with all the user interactions.

As i don't want to do major changes to my current installer.

What could be the possible solution to generate the log file with all user interactions.

waiting for the update ASAP.

Satish Chandra.