View Full Version : Install .Net 2.0 Language Pack (Chinese Simplified) by InstallShield 2008

10-20-2009, 01:24 AM
I am using InstallShield 2008 professional to build an installer, which should include and install the .Net 2.0 Language Pack (Chinese Simplified) .

I have downloaded the 2052langpack20.exe from Macrovision by Redistributable Downloader. However, there is no option of Chinese Simplified displayed in [.Net 1.1/2.0 Language Packs] property.

So, I searched on internet to find a work around. The following URL gave me some clue.

I manually changed the Settings.xml according to the instruction. Then restart InstallShield, I was so excited becuase the option of Chinese Simplified Language Pack is displayed. I click the checkbox to select it, then build an installer.

Then, I start the installer, but I found the Chinese Simplified Language Pack was not installed. I have checked the Temp folder that contents the extracted files of the installer, and confirmed the 2052langpack20.exe has been extracted successfully.

But why the 2052langpack20.exe was not installed? Is it a defect of InstallShield 2008 or something missed in my project.
I really need your help.

Thanks and regards