View Full Version : Two different installdirs

10-12-2009, 08:17 AM
The programfiles from our app are stored in %PROGRAMFILES% and - new - some should now be placed in a directory within %ALLUSERSPROFILE%.
So far no problem.

The installation is given a parameter via commandline like "version=aa".
And there is my problem. The programfiles are accessable via INSTALLDIR. I have a customaction where i assign a new value to installdir ("%PROGRAMFILES%\APP\AA").
But what can i do, to do the same to the datafiles in AllUsers?
It should be like "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\App\AA".

I looked at a component and found a string (APP_ALLUSERS) within some {}. I wrote a customaction to assign to this property a new value. I saw in the msi-logfile that the new value was set, but the files are not stored there.

Can't be that difficult ...
Thanks for every little help