View Full Version : InstallShield 11 Controlling when to overwrite a MDB file

10-08-2009, 12:02 PM
Im not sure if i put this in the right spot, but heres my issue

Our software developer made a peice of software that writes to a local mdb.

so to make things simple heres what i have going on
version 1 of the software has version 1 of the mdb. but then he got some requests and had to modify the mdb to support the requests. so now version 2 has mdb 2.

now theres a new version of the software, and i cant guarrentee everyone has upgraded to the new version so i want to do this.

scenario 1: user has version 1 with mdb 1: Iwant to overwite everything as the old db is useless.
Scenario 2: User has version 2 with mdb 2: I want to install the new software, without replacing the mdb

scenario 3: User has nothing installed: want to install the app clean.

So when i built the package for scenario 2, i hard set the mdb version to 2.0 but that did not seam to do any thing.