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10-01-2009, 07:15 AM

I have create a basic MSI project to install our product. It has got some file deployment, registry changes and printer driver installations. Here is the catch.

Some of my product files are 32 bit binaries and the printer driver stuff is 64 bit. My product will be installed in Program files (x86) as it's not native 64 bit application. I managed to do it's installation and repair successfully. However, not it's time to write upgrade for newer version. The upgrade works fine for the 32 bit project but when I make same changes in 64 bit project, it doesn't work. It does deploy all the files correctly but it fails to install the printers. Printer driver installation is achieved through a C++ DLL functions. I load the dll and call the functions.

I am aware of the registry/file redirection and somehow I feel that I have messed it up somewhere. Can anyone provide me pointers/help docs/forum links which will help me in resolving this?

I have created a major upgrade which removes old product and installs the fresh product. On windows XP, as soon as I run the new installer package, it throws an error for one of the printer driver files deployed in system32 folder. The error code is 2 and it shows that the file not found. When I check the path, I see the file there. Why is that error? I copied the same file in SysWow64 folder, this error goes away but the printers are not installed. On windows 7 platform, this error is not displayed and the installation goes ahead but fails to install the printers. I think the root cause is incorrect redirection. How can I achieve redirection for Basic MSI projects containing partially 64 bit components?

This forum is the only hope foe me...please shoot more questions if you would like to know more...

Prashant Lade