View Full Version : Creating Uninstallation for QuickPatch

09-23-2009, 07:03 AM
Greetings friends,

I am using Installshield 2008 Premier edition, I am able to build the Quick patch successfully, and i am doing the following settings Under Quick patch project IDE, In Installation Designer; under Patch Settings select General Information; Next select Build Settings and at the right hand side pane select the first tab named as Common and in that check the checkbox option Patch Uninstallation Allow Patch to be Uninstalled(Requires Windows Installer 3.0)

After setting this option; where do i find this uninstallation option whether it will display in add/remove program or will it create a shortcut in the start up menu under already installed parent product...

After running the patch i verified in add/remove programs i didn't found; then where exactly it will be present and how to uninstall the patch if present because patch has been run by double clicking Update.exe

Please help..:confused: