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09-22-2009, 05:15 AM
We are using lmreread command to re-read licenses. We use this when we want to increase the count of already issued licenses, this is done by adding a new file with an INCREMENT line (of an already existing feature with the extra count) and issuing an lmreread command.

What we found is that when we re-read the licenses along with the new license, then there is a line in the vendor daemon log which states that "Support for XXXX feature removed". Moreover if licenses were already issued for the feature for which count is increased, the license server resets that count to 0. So for e.g. if 10 licenses were issued and 4 are in use for a feature ABC previously and a new license with an "INCREMENT" line and count of 15 is added and the lmreread command is issued then at the license server the count becomes 0 in use out of 25.

There is no notification at the license client and this count does not re-sync automatically. Is the method that we are using to increase the license count correct? Is there any way by which the counts re-sync properly or do we need to checkout the licenses once again.

What we have also noticed is that if we stop the license server, place the new license and start the server again, then such a behavior does not happen and the count on the license server sync up properly.

09-22-2009, 03:48 PM
Normally, the heartbeats exchanged between the server and its clients should re-sync the counts. Is the application doing any special/manual heartbeat handling?

09-24-2009, 06:14 AM
We are using java client and have implemented the HeartbeatListener. This was just added to prevent the default behavior on reconnect fail. However, the hearbeat is automatic and there are simple logging done for the other implemented functions.

We have also observed that in this case we don't even get the hearbeat which we have implemented (when reread happens and Support for XXXX feature gets removed, the scenario mentioned in the original post). However, the counts gets resynced when the server is stopped and started after the reread.

Is there a way to handle this scenario?