View Full Version : IS CRASH on Windows 7 Ultimate

09-17-2009, 10:11 AM
I have a *.ism file which I updated from IS12 to IS2008 and created a new deployment Build. Every time I try to build I get an OS crash error message the installshield has died. It appears to occur when merging in the CrystalReports 11 Merge Module at this point. Now before I upgraded the IS project from 12 to 2008 I ran into the same problem in 12 (only in a different location). I have just recently upgraded machines from an x86 XP SP3 box to a x64 Win7 box. I suspect the issues are dealing with the Win7 OS and not the x64 side of things. Anyone have any ideas on this? And please for the love of everything, don't say I need to upgraded IS to a newer version as this seams to be the defacto answer half the time with this product.