View Full Version : LMBORROW using an earlier date

09-14-2009, 12:38 PM
I am not quite sure I am in the correct Forum for this.
My app does not support license borrowing directly, but I can use LMTools (11.6 or 11.7) to request borrowed tokens, start the app, and they are borrowed correctly. My problem occurs if the user enters the return date, from the previous month for instance, and SETS the LM_BORROW, and then disconnects from the network. The token is borrowed from the license pool, but since it has already expired, the app will not run, and the token cannot be returned to the pool. If the Admin restarts the license daemon on the server, then it gets cleared.

Why would the BORROW feature in LMTools allow you to specify an earlier return date without a user message?, and what can be done to return the "dead" license tokens, short of restarting the server?