View Full Version : msiexec.exe hangs

09-02-2009, 12:19 PM
Hello everyone,

For the first time I had a very strange problem. When installing a specific application as a Major Upgrade of another one, msiexec.exe will hang forever, using 100% of one CPU. If I kill this instance, then everything resumes normally. It seems random, as I haven't been able to reproduce the behavior in a VM, but on 9 PC's it happened 5 times. Users either rebooted and it worked fine afterwards, or if I was present I killed msiexec.exe and it resumed fine. For the most recent user I enabled logging to see where it was stuck, here is part of the log:

InstallShield 10:25:01: Registering Msi Server...
MSI (s) (BC!80) [10:25:01:348]: Closing MSIHANDLE (473) of type 790531 for thread 2688
MSI (s) (BC:04) [10:46:25:770]: Leaked MSIHANDLE (470) of type 790541 for thread 2688
MSI (s) (BC:04) [10:46:25:770]: Closing MSIHANDLE (470) of type 790541 for thread 2688
MSI (s) (BC:04) [10:46:25:770]: Note: 1: 2769 2: SelfUnregister 3: 1
InstallShield 10:25:01: Invoking script function SelfUnregister
MSI (s) (BC:04) [10:46:25:770]: Closing MSIHANDLE (455) of type 790542 for thread 1684
Info 2769.Custom Action SelfUnregister did not close 1 MSIHANDLEs.
MSI (s) (BC:94) [10:46:25:786]: Doing action: UnregisterTypeLibraries
Action ended 10:46:25: SelfUnregister. Return value 1.

When it was stuck, I opened up the log and the last entry listed was the first one here. I included the next few lines to give you an idea of what happened (yes they are in that order in the log). As you can see, it stayed there for over 20 minutes until I killed msiexec. Anyone has an idea why this is happening?