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08-20-2009, 05:52 PM
I was having all kinds of problems deploying an install that including CR 2008 runtime engine -

I found on the SAP community that a solution was to include C++ 2005

Just when I though that was the answer I found on a Vista 64 bit machine that already had C++ 2005 the install would fail

My final solution was to NOT use CR merge modules and instead use the Redistributable

To do this, since I was using Install Shield (IS 2010), I had to build a .PRQ (see below) since CR or IS doesn't provide a CR 2008 install setup prerequisite object

But since I had IS 2010 Express I would have to build it manually (yuck!!)

The workaround to that problem was to install an evaluation version of IS 2010 Pro on a separate machine and use the Prerequisite Editor

I wanted to post the .PRQ and my solution since the CR merge modules seem to always be a pain in the neck.

For test condition I wasn't sure what registry value to check - but for now - since time was running out - I did the ugly check for a known file

ProgramFilesFolder\Business Objects\Common\4.0\crystalreportviewers12\allInOne.js

I also made it optional just in case something went wrong I could have the user skip it, install my app, and then try do something like CR click once install.

My perference (and my boss's) would have been to use a merge module - but that was eating up too much time and was getting me nowhere.

Hope this helps someone else.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<condition Type="4" Comparison="2" Path="ProgramFilesFolder\Business Objects\Common\4.0\crystalreportviewers12" FileName="allInOne.js" ReturnValue=""></condition>
<file LocalFile="REPLACE THIS WITH ACTUAL LOCATION\CRRuntime_12_2_mlb.exe" CheckSum="D0F9B532A9126C5EB49DAE5DF8F6382F" FileSize="0,34727631"></file>
<file LocalFile="REPLACE THIS WITH ACTUAL LOCATION\CRRuntime_12_2_mlb.msi" CheckSum="EDAA0BCDDF2A99E8F754BC917D4147BD" FileSize="0,58235392"></file>
<execute file="CRRuntime_12_2_mlb.msi" requiresmsiengine="1"></execute>
<properties Id="{27F2D126-7C38-44C7-95A2-172BB5D74E49}" Description="Crystal Reports 2008 Runtime SP2"></properties>
<behavior Optional="1"></behavior>