View Full Version : Uninstaller Error in Windows Vista

07-17-2009, 01:36 AM
I have an installshield installscript setup programme.

When I uninstall my programme from "Programme and Feature" in Control Panel, Windows Vista, after I select "Reboot" in the last window, a message box like following pops up:

Uninstaller Error

An error occurred while trying to remove XXXX. It may have already been uninstalled.Would you like to remove XXXX from the Add or Remove programs list?
But before I can choose "yes" or "no", the window is closed automatically and the system is rebooted.
After being rebooted, I found the programme files, registries were all deleted, it seems that I unstalled it correctly.

So the questions is that:
1. Why the programme can be uninstalled normally in Windows 2003/Windows XP, while in vista system I got a error message box above?

2. What's the real problem of the error? How to get more information, like error code, or anything else?

3. What's the solution?

1. I tried to uninstall the programme using the command line saved in "Uninstallstring" registry key, and I can unstall it without the message box above poped.

2. If I choose not to reboot after uninstalling, and mannual restart my computer before setup.exe exited(observe it in task manager), the the same message box will pops up if the original "Programme and Feature" windows is still opened.