View Full Version : Installed Application autostarts on target computer

06-24-2009, 05:29 AM
Dear InstallShield,

While evaluating InstallShield Express 2010, I get some unexpected behaviour: I have an old Express project updated to Express 2010. Now, most things seem to work fine, but after I have used the installation on a target computer, the installed application autostarts whenever the target computer is restarted!

How to turn off this behaviour?

(I have search for some sort of "do not autostart application after PC-restart" setting in Express 2010, but have not found anything).

Best regards,
Bjørn Sigurd Johansen

Mike Marino
06-26-2009, 11:04 AM
Can you send me your .ise file so I can take a look? (mmarino@acresso.com)

09-20-2009, 02:52 PM

Look in your "Startup" folder on the target system and make sure you don't have an old shortcut leftover. The path is "Start" -> "All Programs" -> "Startup".

If that turns up the culprit, make sure you don't have a shortcut defined in your project that's adding the shortcut back.