View Full Version : Problem with Installer on Sever 2008 Computers Only

06-02-2009, 02:49 PM
Hello I have been using Installshield Express for a number of years. I recently discovered that when I attempt to install my product on a Windows Server 2008 Operating System I am missing features to install.

To clarify, during the installation I go to Customize and in this next window where you can select specific features to install or not install, it is missing one feature. This problem only presents itself on Windows Server 2008 Operating Systems. The feature name is called "Server" with a sub-feature called "Blank Database".

I had built this installation originally in an older version of Installshield Express and thought that if I upgrade to Installshield Express 2009 and update the project to work with this new version, that the problem would resolve itself.

Please help, thanks.