View Full Version : Wait For Custom Action/ProgressBar/Status

03-17-2009, 09:42 AM
I have a vbscript that calls a batchfile that executes a series of SQLCMD tasks to migrate existing data from Access into SQL Express 2005.

I have the action set to "Wait for Action = Yes" but because the vbscript runs fires the batch file, then exits (while the batch file is still running SQLCMD commands), the installer thinks it is done and continues on to the "Finish" dialog box.

I need to make the installer pause till all the SQLCMD processes are done. I would also like to animate the ProgressBar (just to scroll back and forth, there is really no way to tell a percentage of "doneness" with the migration as all of the dbs are different and the time it take to migrate them varies widely) and also change the Status text to "Migrating Existing Data" while all this is going on.

Is there a way to do this from IS Express 20009? If not, I also use IS Pro 2008, so suggestions to accomplish this in either IDE would definitely be appreciated.