View Full Version : Major Upgrade removes shortcut and .exe but does not replace them

03-04-2009, 06:07 PM
Ive created a new install for a major upgrade from product version 2.31.0000 to 2.32.0000.

There has been a few updates for the original 2.31.0000 version, which i just created a new product code and left the version number the same and they went on without a hitch.

With 2.32.0000, i edited the upgrade paths max version to 2.32.0000 while leaving the min version at 2.31.0000 and changed the product code.

The executable name and path remains the same, as well as the shortcut.

When users upgrade from 2.31.0000 to 2.32.0000, you can physically see the shortcut on the desktop being removed, and not replaced. The exe file is also removed and not replaced.

Users can then attempt to reinstall, choosing the repair option and it then installs the icon and the new .exe as they no longer exist.

I have changed the .exe file overwrite rules to always overwrite but that still does not help.

I do not want to specify a particular .exe they have to upgrade from, as i want them to be able to upgrade from any 2.31.0000 version. I did not make patches, rather just updated the full install.

Can anyone help as to why the exe and shortcut are being deleted and not replaced ?