View Full Version : .net Frame work problems...

02-15-2009, 01:20 AM
I built an installation setup by converting the deployment project which I built using VS2005 to installshiled express 2009.
I checked the whole Dependencies using the static and dynamic scan and added them to the features (Always install).
I downloaded the .Net 3.5 on my desktop. also made .Net 3.5 as prerequisite for the install I built.
I was able to build the setup file without any errors but when installing it on the target machine I got many problems/dependencies that are .Net related. Files not found. (like msvcm80d.dll and msvcr80d.dll).
When I added these files manually to my application folder and run the application I got the following error message:" The Application failed to initialize properly (0x80000003). Click on ok to terminate the application."
I was able to do the installation and run the program successfully using VS2005.
So Please advise me how to get rid of those problems
Thanks in advance..