View Full Version : Error -132 on major upgrade

01-08-2009, 07:49 AM
Hello All,

I am doing an major upgrade from version A to version B in IS 7.

Now during upgrade , version b tries to uninstall version A for custom action RemoveExisintgProducts.

On uninstall, it runs uninstallation script for version A. Here it fails for function

if (FeatureSetData(MEDIA,"ToCheckWin2003",FEATURE_FIELD_SELECTED,TRUE,szData) < 0 ) then
MessageBox("Error in Deselecting feature", INFORMATION);

The function FeatureSetData fails with error -132.
This function fails only on upgrade and not when i uninstall application through Add/Remove program

Can anyone let me know what can be reason ?


01-30-2009, 02:38 AM
The SetFeatureData returns error -132 in ONBEGIN event of an old msi on upgrade.

The value of MEDIA is "DATA" in old msi which is correct.

Now my question is Why the MEDIA of old version is not found during upgrade ??
Is there any solution ?? It is very important for us.

This is a IS bug. But is there any workaround ?

Note : As i can not change the OLD script , I will need a solution where i can change the setting in New MSI version.


Is there any way i can change in INX file of old installation and remove this MessageBox ??