View Full Version : Another application association with existing file type extension does not work

12-17-2008, 02:17 AM
hi All ,

I am new user for this community and expect solution of my problem:

I have exist an install shield project for our product having own file type extension (.EMD) and associate with an application named XYZ.exe (to open files having extension .EMD with XYZ.exe extension while double clicking these files) .Now we have added new application in project as XYZPlus and want to associate with already defined file type i .e (.EMD) . To achive this followed steps are

1. remove the file types extension from older application.
2. define file types extension in new application component and associate already aviliable file types extension.

Now perform installation but file having (.EMD ) are not associated with new application (old association removed) and also does not found registry for this extension .

If anyone have face or knoeledge this problem pl help me

sooner reply will be appriciate