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12-08-2008, 09:51 AM
I've been using QuickPatch projects for patching option and recently we found a bug with InstallShield 2008 QuickPatch project that it is not able to patch .NET assemblies. I've talked to the InstallSheild support engineers and they have advised me to use the patch design option instead for patching.

I've been working with this patch design option and it has been hurting my head ever since.
I was wondering if anyone know the solution to the problem that I am having.

Here are the issues that I am encountering.
1. Patches created by patch design option will not work if you have a patch created by QuickPatch project installed on the target machine. I tried including the Patch GUID in the List of Patch GUID's to Replace box and it still did not work.

2. I am getting a validation warning val0009 saying "a regsitry entry has been removed from the component 'mycomponent.dll'. This key must be added to the RemoveRegistry table, otherwise it will be orphaned by an upgrade. ....."
I tried adding couple of the registry entries to the RemoveRegistry table and then built the patch and applied it to the target machine and those registry entry did not get removed.

Also is there a easier way filling out the RemoveRegistry table? Because if I'm patching a single dll file, it requires you to add 100s of registry entry to the removeRegistry table and I was wondering if there is a way to extract and import this information to the removeRegistry Table.

3. The patch is doing extra work. I'm patching a sinlge file but after comparing the previous and latest installs, it's giving me about 20 files that are different.

If anyone of the above issues can be resolved, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,

Alex Y