View Full Version : Needing some information on Dongle/server licensing

Advanced Energy
10-22-2008, 01:44 PM
I have supported FleLM at my company for several years. I typically only have supported server license schema. We just purchased seats of Aldec, using Flexnet 11.4.1.
We received several seats using the USB dongle. These license a basic installation of Aldec.
We also have two floating licenses at the highest version of Aldec. These have more features thatn the dongle versions.
The first issue I have been having is the dongle user has the environment variable set to first take the dongle version's local license, then the server's if the dongle is not installed. What we are seeing is the dongle is ignored, and the server license is always the one that is checked out.

My second issue is that the clients want to have a manual method to select which license they are to consume. At times they move a project from the lighter version to the advanced version.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.