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09-18-2008, 02:46 AM
InstallShield Express 2009 cannot install on Vista

I had an old installer using InstallShield Express 5.0. If you are logged in as admin and run it it works fine.

I now upgraded to Express 2009, upgrade the project and run the installer. On XP it works fine. On Vista you get and error message that it cannot write to C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations\ if you continue the installation it destroys any installations it upgraded from.

If you right click on the installation program and select "Run As Administrator" it works. But for Express 5.0 you did not need to do it.

The major problem here is that if you simply double click on the installer (which users typically do). You get strange error messages, and you destroy any previous installations of the product.

The installer should typically issue a warning, and not destroy the installation. Or even better - simply work.

As previous posted earlier I have noted that Express 2009 isn't compatible with Vista 64-bit (cannot copy files to Vista 64-bit), and now it appears to be so limited in its functionality that you cannot use it with Vista 32-bit either.

Why does Acresso sell a product that obviously doesn't work?

09-18-2008, 11:22 AM
This is an interaction between two conflicting changes in the upgrade process, and you can fix it either of two ways:

1) Change the "Cache Path" from the Releases view, Single Image (or whichever you're building) > Setup.exe tab. The new default is [LocalAppDataFolder]Downloaded Installations.

2) Change the "Required Execution Level" (same view, same tab) from Invoker to Administrator. This will also cover for other changes on Vista if any custom actions in your installation require privileges they would not have when run under the Invoker option.

Both of these changes should be covered on the various migration notes KBs linked on the Express forums. I think these changes became relevant as of version 12, but may have looked slightly different then.