View Full Version : Wrong Shortcut Target Behaviour

09-17-2008, 05:28 AM
In Installshield Express if I set the shortcut target property as:
c:\program files\microsoft office 2003\office11\winword.exe
then Installshields changes this string to [OFFICE11]winword.exe., of way automatic.

Then I build the setup package.

Now If I run the setup in a target computer the shortcut is create with
this target property:

c:\documents and setting\ProfileName\desktop\winword.exe

How to solve this problem?

09-19-2008, 01:32 AM
This Issue is solved.
I want to explain how to resolve it.

When setting the target property of a shortcut you must write directly on the field and avoid using the dialog window.

The target property I was writing was: (the wrong)
c:\program files\microsoft office 2003\office11\winword.exe

The right way to configure this tag is:
[ProgramFilesFolder]Microsoft Office 2003\OFFICE11\winword.exe

Where was the problem then ?
We must use, in this case, the [ProgramFilesFolder] variable and append the rest of the path. Do not use the dialog window to do that because it can be not adecuate to this situation.