View Full Version : Accessing the Product build root location.. general question

09-17-2008, 01:06 AM
I'm new in building installers for my company, whose database product supports multiple platforms. I do not look into product build, which is always done through some automated nightly builds. My only responsibility is to look into generating installers for the product.
I too wants to automate the installer build for all the supported platforms. I was looking on internet to find the general information about the 'Release Management' or 'Installer build automation stuff, but couldn't.
I have few questions like:
1. Should the product build from where the installer tool will access the files be at one location? Our product has many components/layers and builds might be at different location. Should I use some variables in my project file which can be passed in the command line?
2. Is it good to modify the project file using GUI or opening it in some editor and then modify the xml file?