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09-06-2008, 06:39 PM
Kind of new to the feature of things but here goes -

My problem.

We make a build of our VB 6 exe and then a setup package. Package installed on a target system. User calls and says "There is a bug". We go to customers site. Take a look. Make some changes to the vbp and recompile a fixed exe on the on site developers machine.

We copy this new exe over to the target machine and overwrite the old exe having the bug.

We click the new exe to run ..... and the installer comes up and tries to install the program (with its bad exe) again. (Due to the fact that the version number has changed on the exe I guess??)

OK - How do we stop this from happening? Sure we could do a rebuild of the install package and reinstall, or build a patch setup, but that is a time and effort hog that we would rather avoid especially while we are standing at the clients location while he is shut down because of our bug which we know is in the exe and not in any of the data files!

After having this Homer Simpson Arggggg experience a couple times, here is what we do now.

Install our app.

Run a little utility to completely copy the entire app folder structure exe and data files and all to a clone folder.

Manually uninstall our app from the target machine.

Copy back all the cloned structure to the real c/program files/app folder location

Run the program etc.

In this way - we remove the installer package and these problems, yet retain the program and the file structure and at any time we can then just copy the new corrected exe over the top of the old one and when we run the corrected program, the installer does not fire.

Here is the question - How do I prevent the installer firing on a change out of the exe or a data file. I have figured out that during package creation I can mark the data files as permanent and "do not overwrite" but that installer keeps firing off and I want to know if there is there some way to keep it from doing that.

We are thinking that if we have to we could make a program to clone, uninstall, copy back the clone so we are left with a copy that does not know that it has been installed. Of course our way means that our program does not show up i the list of installed programs!

Christopher Painter
09-06-2008, 09:59 PM


09-07-2008, 03:30 PM

Thanks for that link. I had not seen it and I learned new stuff.

I guess a question now is if in Installshield I mark files as "Permanent" and to "Do not Overwrite", can I install over the top of an existing install without changing the files or will the new installation overwrite them anyway.

My understanding is that a resilient auto-fire repair will not, on its "repair", overwrite such a "Do not Overwrite" file (for example a db file that was marked as "do not overwrite" installed as part of the installpack creation but changed during use of the program) BUT how about a install using a new setup package made with the installshield of the same program?

I guess that also makes me wonder if Installshield setups are serialized.

Maybe not making much sense here ....