View Full Version : How to remove the Installshield Branding

08-01-2008, 07:12 AM
NOTE: If u dont want to open the links, scroll down -> the pics are attached.

QUICK: Direct Editor -> Control ->
1.) Search for "Branding1" -> edit the 3 to 2; below the "Branding1" is "Branding2" -> edit the 65537 to 65536 (do this for all Dialogs where a InstallShield Branding is)

2.) Scroll down -> click on "Click here to add a new item" ->
|||DialogName(the one where you edited the Branding1/2|||AntiBranding|||Line|||0|||234|||374|||0|||1|||

Well, i searched a lot for a way to remove the installshield branding. I found it. But this was a bit hidden in the posts in the forums here.
So now quick what u have to do:


This is step is not necessary but the following steps are much easier to do.

Installation Designer -> User Interface -> Dialogs
Delete all Dialogs u dont need like "AdminChangeFolder" or "AdminWelcome" (maybe u need them but often u don't).


Installation Designer -> Additional Tools -> Direct Editor -> Control -> Right Click -> Scroll complete down -> Click on "Click here to add a new item"

-> at column "Dialog_ - (s72)" choose the dialog u want (the "...Welcome" and "...Interrupted/Sucess" dont need to be edited).
-> at column "Control - (s50)" you enter a name e.g.: "AntiBranding"
-> at column "Type - (s20)" you enter something like "Line"
-> at column "X - (i2)" you enter 0
-> at column "Y - (i2)" you enter 234
-> at column "Width - (i2)" you enter 374
-> at column "Height - (i2)" you enter 0
-> at column "Attributes - (I4) you enter 1
-> the other columns dont have to be filled out

3.) In Direct Editor -> Control search for "Branding" and decrement the "Attributes - (I4)": From "3" to "2" and from "65537" to "65536"

Now you have removed the Installshield Branding.