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07-30-2008, 09:46 AM

I am using:
Project type: Basic MSI
Release media: single .exe

I have two setup files. Firstly I install old version and then upgrade it to a new version. then when I uninstall the application via Add or Remove Programs I receive the following error:

Error 1316.A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file...

Then I found cached .msi and created a log. The following lines:

MSI (s) (34:10) [16:45:24:587]: Note: 1: 2203 2: C:\Documents and Settings\vlk\Desktop\QualiWare Execution Framework.msi 3: -2147287038
MSI (s) (34:10) [16:45:24:587]: Note: 1: 1316 2: C:\Documents and Settings\vlk\Desktop\QualiWare Execution Framework.msi

made me think that this is because cached .msi file was renamed at some point.

Could any body help?

07-30-2008, 03:20 PM
If the name of the MSI file being installed during a small/minor upgrade has changed from the original name used in the base package, error 1316 will occur. The name of the MSI package cannot be changed unless your are using a major upgrade to upgrade the existing package.

Also, the 2203 note in the log information indicates the MSI package couldn't be opened because the file couldn't be found (error -2147287038). Windows Installer shouldn't typically require the source MSI package during uninstall.

Based on this information, there seems to be another possible issue besides the MSI file being renamed. Can you attach the upgrade and uninstall logs?

07-31-2008, 02:27 AM
Thank you for reply.

I have created install, upgrade, uninstall via cached .msi (that is as far as I can judge equivalent to uninstall via Add or Remove Programs and that fails) and uninstall via .exe (that succeeds).

08-01-2008, 04:40 AM
I am still trying to figure out what the problem is. And experimentally I start playing with CAs. And I can see that the problem goes away if I delete them (not all, but deferred and some other selectively). Then I figured out that some deferred CAs can be executed with no effect. Finally I found one CA (I am sure that this may be not the only one) that makes this bug reproduce. I went to the code that is executed by this CA and started deleting some code. I found that the problem goes away if I remove code that deletes (with DeleteFile) some file that was installed by one component. I have no idea how this influences on the error I receive, but this is the way it is. And it's a pity that there are such bugs...

If anybody have a clue of why this may be happening, please share your ideas!

08-01-2008, 05:01 AM
One step further.

If DeleteFile is present (and thus the error is reproduced) and I add manually deleted file to target location (actually only the name must match) uninstallation succeeds. Too way strange (for me at least).

PS Not fixed yet.

08-01-2008, 06:18 AM
The same happens with DotNetCoCreateObject - if created object has been used (any method invoked) once and correctly released, network error occurs.

08-04-2008, 03:19 AM
I have finally found the reason for this error. And it turned out to have nothing to do with the original error message and codes.

In fact there was one file renamed without making a major upgrade. Unfortunately, I had to spend 3 days in a raw to figure out the real reason.