View Full Version : Mobile Device installation with multiple Features

07-28-2008, 04:28 PM
Hi, I am having some trouble making my InstallScipt MSI Project work as desired, hopefully somebody here can help.

My project has several Features that get enabled or disabled based on user input during the installation, and several Mobile Device Installations with each linked to the various Features.

I have it working fine as long as I answer Yes when ActiveSync prompts to install it to the default destination (which I have defined as \Program Files\My Program\).

The problem arises when I answer No to this prompt, because it seems to create new default destinations based on the name of the storage location selected then \ then the name of my Mobile Device Installation for each feature. So instead of all the selected features going to \Storage Card\My Program\ they are going to \Storage Card\My MobileDeviceInstallation 1\ and \Storage Card\My Mobile Device Installation 2\ and so on.

Any ideas on how I can let a user answer No and then have the destination folder get set as \(the selected location)\My Program\ ?