View Full Version : NT Services & More Control over SQL 2005 Install

07-25-2008, 06:19 AM
I'm relatively new to more recent installshield versions having dabbled too much in V5. I have got my head around most parts, but have a couple of queries that hopefully somebody will be able to help me with...

1) Controlling NT Services. My installation aborts if a service that is flagged to be stopped during install is already stopped. This can't be right... can it?

2) Conditionally installing SQL server express. I need to install to a named instance (have found link for doing this as a pre-req) but i only want an install under certain install conditions i.e. if a feature is selected . I also need to gather service account information to be used in the installation on the way through. All of this needs to be done before i hit the run sql scripts bit of the installation where i may need to run in a database!!

Any clues pointers and hints appreciated



07-25-2008, 07:53 AM
1) What is the wait type? Maybe try wait for event to complete.
2) 2009 has the feature where you can associate a prereq with a feature. Regarding the service account info add some dialogs to collect logon info. Then set those properties in User Name and Password in the Install NT Services area (don't set them if you want to use system account). Make sure the user has logon as service rights (ntrights.exe) also before starting service (Custom Action).