View Full Version : running DevEnv as CA (exe)

07-24-2008, 05:50 AM
I have a problem of running DevEnv.exe/InstallVSTemplates through an EXE CA - Path referencing a directory. Not all of my Templates get put into the Visual Studio Projects when you create a new project.

When I run devenv with the switch through command prompt it works, but it takes +/-30seconds for it to run. When I run the CA there is no waiting period for devenv to run, so I think that the process is killed before devenv runs to completion.

When I run Synchronous(Check exit code) the CA fails. The rest of the Return Processing settings all run devenv but it doesn't wait for time it takes to run the task though command prompt, which I believe is the problem. The process gets killed to soon before completion.

The work around I think would be to run devenv through a VBScript CA, but would rather do it the proper way through a EXE CA.

Any ideas?