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07-23-2008, 10:04 PM

Before anything else, i'd just like to apologize for asking this seemingly simple question which got me stuck.

I'm packaging up our VB6 application using installshield 2009 version 15 sp1 Professional ed. My problem is our application needs to be installed on the drive c: (i.e. c:\somefolder).

I've already created an install pack and it seems to be working ok (i.e. it installs on drive c:) but there's this one computer (a Vista machine) which installs on drive d:.

Can anyone show me how to fix that? Cheers.



07-24-2008, 04:16 PM
The D: on that machine likely contains more available free space than the C: drive. The default behavior for Windows Installer target directory resolution results in the drive with the largest amount of free space being picked as the target if no drive/path is specified.

You could potentially hardcode your INSTALLDIR value to C:\somefolder in the Property Manager in your project. However, in the odd case that the C: drive might not exist, using this method will result in a 1606 runtime error at the beginning of the installation. A more flexible approach might be to use a custom action to verify the C: drive exists, and if it does, set the INSTALLDIR property to C:\somefolder (the action should be sequenced before CostFinalize).