View Full Version : Service Files aren't deleted during uninstall

07-23-2008, 02:53 AM
I've created a project with installShield that installs, among other things, a service and a jre. when the installation completes, the service starts running.
Anyway, when I'm trying to uninstall the project using add/remove - everything is deleted - except the files that are related to the service (exe files, dll files, etc, and most of the jre folder). I've tried to stop the service automatically / manually before uninstalling - didn't change anything. I've also tried to use OnMaintUIBefore / onUninstall method - but they don't seem to be working (or I'm doing something wrong there). I'm using basic MSI project. If you have any idea why this is happening / what can I do in order to remove those files, please let me know.