View Full Version : Please teach me to make a "check box selection" based custom installer

Mandedhar Ojha
07-11-2008, 10:44 AM
Hi I want to make a custom installer which looks somewhat like the "Cumulative Setup Sample Project" bundled with the Installed 2009 Professional trial. I have ten different files and 3 different executables for my project that I am trying to put in an installer to be placed in a CD.

When the installer start, I want to show the user two options in radio buttons( like the one in the "Cumulative Setup Sample Project" )

() Complete
() Custom

If the user select the "custom" option, the user will be given a list of "check boxes" ( like the one in the "Cumulative Setup Sample Project" ) and they will be allowed to select / deselect any of the checkboxes.
[] Feature 1
[] Feature 2
[] Feature 3

Based on their selection, some files and some executables will be copied and not the others.

If the user selects complete option, all files and all the executables will be copied.

How do I do the above in a very simple way, can someone please teach me ? Also if I want to pass some arguments in the shortcut to the executables while launching the executables, how do I do that ?

Please guide me in very simple easy instructions :o

Oh and my project doesn't need any registry entries. Just should be installed without any fuss in a XP or Vista based system. I am a complete newbie to Installshield and have no idea about Installshield Scripts.Thought I should clarify this.

Thanks in advance

Mandedhar Ohja

07-11-2008, 02:54 PM
You might begin by trying the InstallScript project tutorial in the online help, and seeing if that generally meets your requirements.