View Full Version : XML Search Crash

Christopher Painter
07-02-2008, 11:05 AM
Create a RegLocator search that returns a directory and consume it in an XPath search. Delete the Reglocator search and the IDE crashes. Restart the IDE and go to System Search and it crashes again. You have to drop the row out using Direct Editor to get back into System Search.

07-02-2008, 03:11 PM
I may have reproduced this issue--although I needed to accept the prompt to delete the dependent search and then attempt to modify the remaining XPath search.

This issue is being tracked in WO #IOC-000073148.

It seems, that since an XPath search goes beyond the existing MSI functionality, there are 3 searches going on; as seen in the AppSearch table, pointing to the DrLocator, ISXmlLocator & RegLocator tables.

Then, to delete the RegLocator entry, a prompt is shown to confirm the deletion of the DrLocator (which is not shown in the System Search view), however, the ISXmlLocator is left behind (this is the visible entry). Attempting to edit the remaining system search causes the crash.

These are the steps I used:
1. add system search 'Folder path, as specified by a registry entry'
2. add system search 'XML file value', using the path found in step 1
3. save
4. delete the registry search
5. accept the prompt to delete the dependent search (which is refered to as the property name of step 2)
6. right click and select 'modify' on the remaining search entry (the item added in step 2)
7. crash

Attempting to view the System Search view immediately crashed the IDE. While I did not find a lingering entry in the RegLocator table, deleting the offending entry in the ISXmlLocator table restored the functionality of the view.