View Full Version : Could you make attached web-deployment working for SIMPLIFIED-CHINESE I.E. 7.0 ?

06-24-2008, 04:41 PM
Dear InstallShield Express 2008,

I was able to web-deploy attached InstallShieldExpress-2008 one-click-install web-deployment of my company's product when client uses ENGLISH I.E. 7.0.

However, when the client uses SIMPLIFIED-CHINESE I.E. 7.0 (to one-click-install my attached web-deployment), your attached InstallShieldExpress-2008 one-click-install web-deployment did NOT work.

Could you help (to make your attached web-deployment also working for SIMPLIFIED-CHINESE I.E. 7.0) ? Thanks.

Further comment:
For example, deployment of attached InstallShield Express 2008 web-deployment at URL: http://www.800Meet.com/Pauline/Pauline.htm

- works for ENGLISH I.E. 7.0 (to one-click-install my company's product), but

- FAILED for SIMPLIFIED-CHINESE I.E. 7.0 (and could NOT install my company's product over Internet).