View Full Version : Changing from 32-bit to 64-bit

06-18-2008, 10:18 AM
I have been using InstallShield 2008 Express to create 32-bit installations for quite some time, without any problems. Recently, one of our clients came to us looking for help because our install failed on his new laptop. I can’t seem to find any documentation or posts detailing what needs to be changed to install it successfully on a 64-bit machine running Vista.

I have seen posts that mentioned that editing the “Template Summary” in the “Summary Information Stream” to include the values x64;0 and Intel64;0 but based on the instructions provided, those recommendations to not seem to apply to IS2008Express since “Template Summary” is not in the grid.

• Is there some additional setup that must be performed before a 64-bit install can be created IS2008Express?
• What are the step-by-step instructions on how to create a 64-bit installation with IS2008Express?

06-18-2008, 10:31 AM
The Express edition of InstallShield does not support 64-bit installations, so upgrading to Professional or Premier, or postprocessing like you hint at, are the InstallShield options.

06-18-2008, 11:36 AM
Thanks for the reply MichaelU. I am not familiar with what postprocessing would be required to achieve a 64-bit install. Any instructions, links or other information you could provide would be well appreciated.