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06-16-2008, 06:43 AM
Hi, I was about to purchase IS2009. Then I read this forum.

Do you think that maybe - just maybe a release like IS 2009 could make it to RTM without any annoying bugs/issues?

I have been coding for 30 years and take pride in my products. Why can't IS be the same. Work well and give the customer a better than expected experience??

Looks like I'll stick to IS 11 for another year and see if the bugs diminish. The most *painfull* part is just when IS 2009 is safe enough to use. IS 2010 will appear with mandatory bugs.

I'm not complaining (well perhaps a bit), I'm really sad that quality and robustness that _could_ be "IN" IS 2009. is actually not.

We don't really need to wait for, say, Windows XP SP1. Because Windows XP worked ok out of the box.

But when it comes to Installshield. Its just mainteneance pack after maintenance pack anfter hotfix after this after that... Oh I give up :-(

Time for a Jack Daniels again. :rolleyes:

06-16-2008, 08:11 AM
:D The unfortunate part of visiting a community forum is that we only tend to frequent the site for 'How to' questions and to report any problems we encounter in our various implementation of the software.

If you were to visit a Windows XP community forum filled with technical people I am sure there would be a list of problems the day the product is distributed.

For me I have been working with the software for a week trying to get a feel for the work flow and changes to support Windows Installer 4.5 and how best to configure our installation process to provide the best possible user experience for the installation.

If IS11 is meeting all your current deployment needs, why then even consider upgrading? If it does not meet your current deployment needs then it is definitely worth evaluating the software.

06-16-2008, 08:48 AM
Dear Dlee65,

Yes. The forum is biased to problems rather than success stories. Indeed.
Its a hard feeling to describe. I have used IS from version 6 up and granted - MS do keep upping the MSI versions to add confusion. But I think Acresso could really do more in testing. Many years ago it was called TQM. Total Quality Management.
Perhaps its just me (I'm a perfectionist) :) .

This is a light hearted complaint - I'm too old to take things seriously. But these days I see more and more developers and users accepting multiple and frequent "updates" (for bug fixes) as if is this is normal! Wheras it should be a shame on the company. A rare event.

When did I last have to apply bug fix Winzip (yes a simple program comparedto IS - however....)?

Some companies have got it right.


Stefan Krueger
06-16-2008, 01:05 PM
I think one needs to find the right balance between "agility" and "perfection".