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06-05-2008, 02:44 AM

does owner of maintance plan become automatic
IS2009 to download?

06-05-2008, 08:40 AM
If you are on maintenance then you should be eligible for a the new version you may have to contact your sales rep to get a link to download, or contact support.

06-05-2008, 12:14 PM
The maintenance emails are starting to roll out as I received mine.

06-06-2008, 12:39 AM
Yes. Even i received a mail from Macrovision reg IS2009 maintenance.

Hope u would receive the mail soon, or contact macrovision sales.

06-06-2008, 05:00 AM
Yep. I got it now.

06-09-2008, 04:18 AM
I received the email notification last thursday but I am not able to download it. The 'Fulfill Now' link does not work for me. :confused:

When I use the 'Download Purchased Software' section at the acresso shop I can get only the maintenance plan pdf file. How can I download my copy of IS2009?

06-09-2008, 04:31 AM
The same to me.

I have tried to get the copy for 5 times.
I was redirected each time to
Registration - Key formular.
I have filled it out and ... nothing...

After this Acresso says "Limit of downloads excceed".
But, I have not get any copy.
I have get the trial version and after Installation register this to full version.
It crashes.

I see:

There is just another user with same problem.

06-09-2008, 10:39 AM
If you had trouble fulfilling your maintenance order, can you try downloading it again? I think that the issue should be resolved now.

Debbie Landers
Acresso Software

06-10-2008, 04:39 AM
The "Fulfill Now" link pointed to


Which did not work, but I discovered that it works if you replace installshield.com with macrovision.com in the URL and it seems to be fixed now.

Also, when I received my email the entire Acresso site was unreachable.

06-10-2008, 08:46 AM
Unfortunately, I believe there may have been a short period of downtime related to some of the Acresso based sites, such as the e-shop and the knowledge base.

Regretably, this may have caused you to be unable to fulfil your maintenance; however, at this time everything should be working.

So if you had any issues, please try again. If you continue to have issues, please post here.