View Full Version : Vendor Defines Revisited

05-14-2008, 10:03 AM
This is an extension of: http://community.installshield.com/showthread.php?t=171230.

I'm looking for a flat-file licensing system that does not involve any server validation.

Also, I'm disappointed with the host ID types that are supplied with the FlexNet licensing tool-kit. For instance, HOSTID_DISK_SERIAL_NUM is the hard-drive volume number which can be easily changed or carried over on a ghost of a machine. It's unsecured. Also, HOSTID_ETHER is the MAC address which can be spoofed and there are issues with networking card configurations/virtualization/etc. It's unsecured and unreliable.

That being said, I thought that creating a vendor define was a possible solution, however, I'm having difficulties finding some solution which allows me to generate a unique ID per-box.

I've attempted to use various open-source (see previous post linked above) and purchasable software solutions that get hardware information, but it seems that they do not support all of the following:

-Windows XP/2k/Vista
-RAID configurations
-non-Administrator accounts
-Network/Removable Drives

In my research, I've found two purchasable solutions: (1) http://www.ionworx.com/machineid.html, and (2) http://www.devlib.net/getdiskserial.htm...which could give me unique IDs to be used with a vendor defined host ID, but even still...these solutions have issues (e.g. not supporting 64-bit and Vista fully).

I'm becoming terribly frustrated. Is there anything--ANYTHING--that a vendor define can tie itself to?