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05-05-2008, 07:33 AM

I am using flexnet publisher 11.5 + the Java API for it.

We want to give a customer a license for 100 computers to be able to connect to our software. But, we don't want the customer to provide us with the MAC IDs of the 100 computers, we want to somehow make a dynamic list that'll collect the FIRST 100 MAC IDs who connect to our licensing server and let only them connect, if it reaches 100, stop the list and don't let anyone (except the MAC IDs in the list) in.

Is this possible in flexnet publisher? if so, how?

And another question if someone might know, can flexnet publisher export some reports about some licenses and users of them? for instance, can I see the count of minimum / maximum and average number of concurrent users per day? (using a counted.lic for instance)

or, can I somehow count the number of unique "named users" (by usernames) per week?

Does flexnet have any support for this? where can I read more about it if it does?

Thanks in advance,

Nir Peled

05-05-2008, 01:17 PM
Do you want to deliver 100 node-locked licenses to the customer, or a license server with 100 floating licenses? Trusted storage-based licensing supports node-locked licenses, floating licenses, licenses detachable from a pool (of 100, say) that you deliver to an enterprise customer, and many others...

As for generating reports about license usage, you might look into FLEXnet Manager (http://www.acresso.com/flexnet_manager.htm).