View Full Version : Format of filenames and pathnames in Windows registry

04-17-2008, 11:18 AM
I am using InstallAnywhere 8.0.1 Enterprise to create installers for multiple platforms. On one product that installs on Windows 2003, I have found that if the path to a file or the filename itself included in the value of a Windows registry entry exceeds the old 8.3 filename format, InstallAnywhere converts the items that exceed the limit to the 8.3 format. For example:

The full path and name to be written to the registry, as set in IA8, is:

C:\Program Files\SRVprovider\provider\SRVProvider.exe

However, when the product is installed and the registry is checked, the value stored there is:


If the product is installed on Windows 2003 running on a 64-bit platform, it comes out as:


There have been complaints that these shortened paths occasionally cause problems with the SRVprovider.exe getting invoked, and in one instance a registry sweeper program recorded these paths as being broken or no longer in use (even though they were) and removed them.

Is there a setting in InstallAnywhere I can change to force it to write the full path and file names instead of the 8.3 versions?