View Full Version : Patch nightmare!

03-07-2008, 06:32 AM
Previously I have produce 2 patches for my app which have worked well so far. They patch versions 7.0.7 to 7.0.9 to 7.0.11. The last patch was a roll up so it included 7.0.9 to 7.0.11 as well as 7.0.7 to 7.0.11 and superceded the old versions. They worked a treat However...

When I try to go to 7.0.13 from all previous version the transform it applies is the wrong one! I have 7.0.7 installed and when I run the latest patch the transform it say is valid is V7011toV7013 and not V707toV7013!

It says the other transforms are invalid with the error 2748 .... 7.0.9 expected 7.0.13

Is there a problem comparing versions in a patch? I have the default condition previsious version <= Latest Version in all previous images.