View Full Version : Double-clicking on Compiler error does nothing

03-06-2008, 01:50 PM
Since moving to Installshield 2008 - When I compile Installscript in the IDE and get error messages in the Task tab in the bottom window, I used to be able to double click the error and be taken to the line in the Install code where the error was. I read in another thread (in a different forum) that a change was made to this behavior so that double clicking brought you to the appropriate Knowledge Base article instead. It said you had to use the right click method now to select "Go To Installscript Code".

That's sounds OK to me, but my problem is that double-clicking on the line does absolutely nothing. Right clicking and choosing "Go To Installscript Code" does nothing either. Right clicking and choosing "Go To Installshield KB Article" DOES work, but that's rarely what I want to do.

Is this a known bug? Or am I overlooking something? This is a feature I sorely miss - very annoying. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!