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03-04-2008, 08:27 AM
I had built one setup.exe and installed the product. I was having some issues in localization so I created a new project with same details (could be missing something) and created a new setup.exe containing same deliverables. Now, if the product is installed with older setup, it gives me message "This setup will perform upgrade of ....., you want to continue?" When I say yes, in the beginnning itself it gives me error as
"Internal error 2721. ISMsiServerStartUp"
"Internal error 2721. ISCleanUpFatalExit"
"Error - 1603 - Fatal error during installation"

What is the reason? I tried checking the custom actions and couldn't find much any difference in the previous project and new project. In fact there was one method missing, I have not corrected it and both the project's custom actions are same. So we need to do anything else? While creating new project, I used the product id, upgrade id from the original project to make sure that it works well on the existing project.

I am really surprised at this issue being piled up out of nothing...

Please help...


04-21-2008, 12:31 PM
Dear prashantlade

I had exactly the same problem with an Installation made by InstallShield DevStudio 9.

This is from an installation which worked fine, so I think simply some file may have been corrupt.

I hope someone founds the solution and post back a message here.

Many thanks.