View Full Version : Re-Install problems

02-27-2008, 02:51 PM
I have a problem where, during a specific user action in our software, windows wants to reinstall the entire program again (and obviously fails). This is the one that says "Preparing to install.." and then a "Please wait while Windows configures.." If I cancel it, the program continues doing what it was suppossed to do.

I don't want this re-installation window to pop up because it's useless. If i check the event logs, I see that it says a certain file (one that I deleted on purpose) is missing. The weird part is that this particular action that caused it has nothing to do with the missing file at all. The only thing that is different about this action compared with other actions is that it invokes a COM dll that has been distributed w/ our software and referenced by our .net assembly.

I should mention that all of my shortcuts are not "advertised" and the installshield project has only one feature, marked as "Disallow Advertise"

How can I stop this from happening?