View Full Version : .Net Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1

02-25-2008, 11:31 AM
In November Microsoft released SP1 of the 2.0 .Net Framework. Three months later, I still cannot place this update on my build machines as the Install Script Install Shield project I have does not support it. :mad:

It is not enough to install 2.0 and hope that our application runs correctly on the end user's machine. The framework includes the compiler, thus it is entirely possible newer versions of the framework will not run on older versions (and Install Shield will only install the old version).

There have been no updates according to the update manager in over 9 months, isn't it time to roll up 70+ hotfixes and other fixed bugs into an update? It certainly says something about the product when 70+ hotfixes are released to avoid using the update manager. I suppose I cannot blame Macrovision too much when it takes over 20 minutes to "locate the program updates". Since there is basically no CPU usage during this time I can only assume that the update servers are extremely overloaded (which is insane when you consider each copy costs enough to have a dedicated server for that company).