View Full Version : Copy a file after installation

01-31-2008, 03:44 PM
We have InstallShield Express 2008 version.

After building the CD image, we want to include a file that is customized for each CD. That means the file cannot be included in the InstallShield project. For example, the installation CD image looks like:

Disk1\setup.exe (Generated by InstallShield)
Disk1\information.txt (Generated for each CD)

On the target system, after all the programs have been installed, we would like to copy the "information.txt" into the installation directory.

I thought I could create a "Custom Actions->After File Transfer" item,
something like:

File Name and Command Line: copy [SETUPEXEDIR]\information.txt [INSTALLDIR]\information.txt

However it only allows me to launch an exe file, not the build-in command, and the macro [SETUPEXEDIR] and [INSTALLDIR] don't seem to expand to what it should be.

Please advise.