View Full Version : lmreread in Solaris 8

01-29-2008, 10:26 AM

I have a question regarding the re-read usage. I have a server triad running under Solaris 8 and with the FLEXlm kit v10.8.5.

This triad serves concurrent licenses, the access to such licenses are defined in groups inside the options file.
This options file is updated daily so a reread is required (daily as well) in order to the changes be taken by the license server.

after a re-read, I receive some messages in the debug log file saying that some of the groups weren't read. Example:

22:01:01 (MY_DAEMON) Cannot reread GROUP "MYGROUP"; used by "MY_FEATURE" for USER/HOST_BASED

Someone can tell me what's the reason?

If a group cannot be re-read, does the server still have the information (users members of the group) that it had before the re-read operation? Or does it clear the whole group and no member of such group will be now able to get a license from the server triad?

I hope someone can help me on this issue,
Thanks in advance.