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01-08-2008, 05:02 PM
I have multiple applications managed via a Flexnet triad and am finding that with increased frequency I'm having to either put a new license file in place (added licenses) or edit the options file to add / remove user permissions to run specific applications. Last time I had to do this I tried using the lmreread function by using the ReRead license file button on the lmtools interface on each leg of the triad. Unfortunately this caused havoc. The license service went haywire, refused license requests, ignored Stop and Start commands and I ended up having to reboot the primary to get it all working again....of course the resulting license outage was what I was trying to avoid. My question is, does lmreread not work with a triad setup because the legs of the triad are, for some brief moment, getting conflicting information about license count / options? Do I only have to issue the lmreread command from the primary for it to take effect? While the whole process of stopping the licenses service, putting the revised license or options files in place, and restarting the service only takes a few minutes, it has become an impractical means of achieving the updates. With multiple shifts and users running engineering analyses 24 hours a day, stopping the service is always disruptive for someone. Any tips? Should lmreread work on a triad and if so, any leads on what I might have done wrong when I tried it before?

01-25-2008, 03:02 AM
Hi Mr_Giff, I had a similar problem. When I tried to execute a reread using lmtools didn't work.
Then I tried to execute the reread from the DOS command line and it worked.

I hope this helps