View Full Version : App thinks it's lost its license but server doesn't

01-07-2008, 05:46 PM
Our application is using Flexnet 11.4, with manual heartbeats.

We've had several occurrences recently where our application thinks it's lost communication with the license server and tries to reconnect. However, the license server still has the licenses checked out. When the app reconnects, it can't recover its licenses because maxusers has been reached and eventually exits. After it exits, the licenses are checked in at the server. The license server folks tell me there has been no connection issues or interrupts.

It appears that there is a miscommunication between app and license server (one thinks there has been an interrupt and the other not). Any one have any ideas on what to check? Is there a *life* on an acknowledgement from the server? (i.e. if a heartbeat hasn't acknowledged return from the server in xx seconds, then the acknowledgement expires?)

Thanks for any help!